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substantial History file including Buff Card Log Book, Green Card Log Book, very early V5, MOT's going back to 1972 and the original. This Board features the Squadron badge, in transfer form, and an image of out turned swords in a 360 degree ark, which makes every sense when you consider the Squadron motto 'Quoquo Versus Ferituri' which translates to mean 'Ready to strike in all directions'. It measures 48" x 24" (122 cm x 61 cm) and is fitted with brass hanging plates to aid wall mounting. A pet on the sea, a vacation and a healthy lifestyle.

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Three skeleton mice preparing for Halloween with ruby red slippers, mice holding black and white striped. Girl carrying a picnic basket Sheep and wolf. Into the inflatable ring hole. Romantic summer love story on a sunset in mountains. Lovers run and laugh. Portrait Of Picturesque Old Greybearded Mongolian Hunter Berkutch. Certainly a one off and reminds us of a sampler but of Second War vintage. Beautiful young woman sitting on car window and looking up smiling. For many the waiting was the worse part.