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the world Its the plot to destroy the world Enough. In your room is where you hide. Wake me up Just you wake me up! We cannot rest in peace. Breaking a broken heart Breaking a broken heart Breaking a broken heart Broken! We cannot rest in peace We cannot rest in peace We cannot rest in peace Cause this is Tragic. And I wonder, and I wonder, what in the world? Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (the 19 th!) will take place in, leipzig (Germany) on, may 21th. So just wake. We cannot rest in peace Were living in the dream We will not turn our backs Cause this is Tragic. All the heart-ache to this day, every member, ever way Weve all been down this path, beaten bruised from the attacks You can make the change, only you control your fate Self destructive tendencies havent got the best of me Why suffer through the pain.

Tragic Black The Dead Fall Events - 19th Wave Gotik

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We will reach the end before anything will kill. Just wake. You're gonna feel a tight squeeze, your life will be released. On a long dark road where nothing grows, Youre covering up what you're ashamed to show. Well Im Doomsday, my whole world is crashing down You might see a star up in the sky You might see a sign But for me this world is crashing down tonight This world is crashing down This candles going out.

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