how to control your dating life

the rest is history. This is not an alleged biblical story of some dude going up a mountain and coming back down claiming to have heard God speak to him or send him a holy text. Taking control of your dating and relationships means being grownup enough to ask for what you want and learning how to do it in a kind and non-threatening way. Theyre counting on you to try and help. . Maybe hes asking you to go away for a weekend and you think it;s too soon. Ive certainly done this myself. Im not having this discussion.

How can you be that way? I talk to women often who dated or stayed in relationships far longer than they should have. IF youre married and have 2 kids, assets, and a mortgage, well, you sort of have to walk more gingerly. . Come back and read this blog post again. . Depending on HOW long youve been dating (or are married there are various ways to handle this. . Thats really what were talking about. . So a month in the relationship and she says: No one cares. Well talk when youre feeling better. In his mind, he was challenging her because he was adamantly disagreeing. . He is not Needy. .

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