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so Ashley makes Doug say the exact opposite of what Iris made him say. Going bareback with Arthur is risky given where he's been It would make for some uncomfortable moments for Ashley if she has to contact her sexual partners and tell them they need to go to the clinic or not - depending on how bad Ashley. Are those kinds of revisions something you might do? Rpy line 76, in _init_language ange_language(language file line 577, in change_language build # @UndefinedVariable, file "renpy/x line 778, in build (yle.

Will he return at all? Full Traceback, full traceback: File "D line 290, in bootstrap in file "D line 487, in main run(restart file "D line 147, in run n_context(True file "D line 761, in run_context n file "game/poker. The art teaser for version.14, with Dave drawing Eva and Ashley together - is so good.

Will it still be playable The save games are stored separately from the game files. Yep, you'll bee seeing her again! It's a compromise: each month I try to release as much content as possible (I can't produce much more than I'm doing these days by myself) but I have in mind the game as a whole. p Will you keep the shifting focus between characters? I had planned for a scene with her in a previous update but i had to cut.

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