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work in the most demented opium dream of Harmony Korine, but that doesn't make me OK with it by any measure. Another woman then came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct when she was a minor in 2015. So amazing to see my girl @charli_xcx last night! As Riff puts. She clearly just doesn't like him.

Aside from his 28,000 fee, Riff Raff requires only that his date be 18-years-old or over. I will have nightmares forever!". The lucky, and well-heeled, young Riff Raff fan will also receive, 'freestyle videos and iconic prom pictures all night Riff Raff writes.

The fact that they went on a faux date makes her more eye-roll-worthy than she already was. Riff Raff first gained notoriety after appearing on MTV's From G's to Gents. Welp, that's what happens when the popular girl invites the black sheep to the prom as a gag. It's time for the world to own up to what Katy Perry and Riff Raffs VMA rendezvous was: the most awkward, cruel joke prom date ever. Hey, it could be that Perry really does love him. Sure, Katy Perry's dating life is dizzying and her track record inconsistent. Riff Raff will pick up his prom date in a Lamborghini. Can't lana del rey marilyn manson dating you just see this ruse going on for a couple more weeks and then Riff Raff sitting her down and saying, "But, like, for real though, we're dating, right?".