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structure. 3 Up to 65 of ethnic Russians 82 83 as well as Russian-speakers belonging to other ethnic groups from Russia ( Ossetians, Caucasus Greeks etc.) and a similar percentage of Belarusians and Ukrainians identify themselves as "Orthodox". At the same time large numbers of Greeks and other Orthodox Christians were also immigrating to America. The rocor was instituted in the 1920s by Russian communities outside then Communist Russia, which refused to recognize the authority of the Moscow Patriarchate then de facto headed by Metropolitan Sergius Stragorodsky. "Spiritual security, the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Russian Foreign Ministry: collaboration or cooptation?." Journal of Church and State (2010 summary online dead link Richters, Katja.

75 Many religious homes in Russia have icons hanging on the wall in the krasny ugol, the "red" or "beautiful" corner. John the Russian, in 1970. "Anti-Communist Priest Gheorghe Calciu-Dumitreasa".

The Resurgence of Orthodoxy in PostSoviet Russia." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51#4 (2012 795-808. I cooperated, I made signed statements, I had regular meetings, I made reports. In practice, the most important aspect of this conflict was that openly religious people could not join the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which meant that they could not hold any political office. The Independent Obituaries Keston Institute and the Defence of Persecuted Christians in the ussr Born Again. The Holy Synod and the Patriarch) should be managed independently until such time as normal relations with the highest Church authority could be resumed, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia was established; by bishops who had left Russia in the wake of the Russian Civil. Archived from the original on Retrieved Palmieri,. The monks in the monasteries had a slightly higher status; they were not allowed to marry.

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