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its main one being the. Split Missile x 12 These are more advanced versions of the split missiles the normal Gespenst has, stored on the upper backpack that can launch and split open to reveal smaller missiles. Super Robot Wars series. Tesla Drive to fly. Both the Alt Eisen Riese and Weiss fire their Chaingun and Triple Beam Cannon attack, respectively. The Alt then drives its Revolving Bunker into the enemy, setting off all 6 of its charges, resulting in the enemy flying off. Despite the ATX Team being hesitant to use Einst technology, Excellen utilizes this weapon to its fullest. No Ads, exclusive Content.

High Quality Content, offering exclusive content not available. Coupled with dating ice cores four bat-like wings on its back, this gives the Rein Weiss Ritter an unusual, somewhat demonic appearance. The resulting shot sends the unit crashing to the ground, exploding in a cataclysmic fashion. The Weißritter Abend in this installment sprouts permanent demonic laser wings, primarily utilizing a red frame instead of the previous' blue frame except in Rage Mode, where the colors are switched around. The Rein Weiss Ritter looks biomechanical in nature with traces of the white armor plating of the original Weiss but replaced with green, tentacle-like tendrils and red spherical jewels around its chassis. The Weiss Ritter supports the Alt with the E mode of the Ochstan Launcher. In Super Robot Wars Original Generations, the enhancement process of the Rein Weiss Ritter is apparently an alteration of the original chassis of the Weiss Ritter, after an examination done by Ryoto Hikawa and Raji Montoya.

Technical And Historical, edit, the, aTX Project is designed to set up new. Weiss Ritter is, german for white knight (although it's a literal translation and grammatically incorrect; "Weisser Ritter" is the correct form) and. In Original Generations, the Rein Weiss Ritter fires countless number of the E-Mode beams, moving swiftly from one position to another so fast that it looks like several mecha, bombarding the enemy with multiple blasts. Rein Weiss Ritter means pure white knight (although once again, it's a literal translation and grammatically incorrect). Together, they can perform their signature combination attack, the Rampage Ghost.