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of Husayn Kamil, and the subsequent failure of Iraqs attempt to disclose the chicken farm documents sent the nation into a downward spiral. His initial instruction was to use. He reported directly to Saddam and not to the cabinet. Iraqi leaders acknowledged Irans advantages in population, income, and access to international arms marketsespecially as Iraqs former ally Russia began to arm Iran. The Surface-to-Surface Missile Command concealed undeclared Al Husayn and Scud missiles, launchers, and chemical and biological warheads. The Iraqi media and leadership first accused him of financial improprieties, and then said he was no more than an employee in this state and his responsibilities were limited. When Husayn Kamil assumed responsibility for military scientific research adn industry in 1987, Saddam gave him broad administrative and financial authority to consolidate Iraqs research, development, and industrial resources into military capabilities essential for winning the Iran-Iraq war. By friendly, Rashid said that Aziz and Ramadan meant those nations that would help anmache online dating Iraq get sanctions lifted or individuals who were influential with their government leaders and who could persuade them to help get sanctions lifted. This situation remained through part of 2002. Saddam and His Sense of Legacy Saddam was most concerned with his legacy, and he saw it in grand historic terms.

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Saddam instructed general directors of 100 percent free dating site in germany Iraqi state companies and other state entities to prevent key scientists from the pre-1991 WMD program from leaving the country. Reaction to Sanctions Baghdad reluctantly submitted to inspections, declaring only part of its ballistic missile and chemical warfare programs to the UN, but not its nuclear weapon and biological warfare programs, which it attempted to hide from inspectors. Saddams Regime, in order to induce France to aid in getting sanctions lifted, targeted friendly companies and foreign political parties that possessed either extensive business ties to Iraq or held pro-Iraqi positions. To maintain the appearance of cooperation, however, Iraq had to provide more information to inspectors and withdraw the earlier ffcd. This lack of a formal statement would chime with his autocratic style of governanceespecially given past experience with UN inspections searching for documents. In addition, Iraq sought out individuals whom they believed were in a position to influence French policy. While as an institution MIC had organizational continuity, substantively there were two MICs, each distinguishable by unique historical circumstances and its links to a prominent leader.

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