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medical and surgical knowledge possessed by the Greeks, Romans and Arabina and was unrivalled in its accuracy and completeness. Wealh-moru, -more (a1)., -mora. Brown bulb with white centre; up to 2kg in weight.

Japanese style fried Chicken, kewpie mayo. The feast included a 'sotelte' or 'subtlety' - an elaborate sugar sculpture - in this instance in the form of a biblical scene.

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Medium to large, oval - teardrop, black / purple fruit. Small, brick-red, round fruit.5cm across. Medium to large, dark green, oval fruit covered with pea-sized bright yellow 'stars' and usu Read More.60 morris heading (Brassica oleracea var. Large, green, spicy leaves. Materia Medica thus remained the pharmacological reference work and was read not only by physicians and botanists but also by interested lay botanists.

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